Healing Sessions

Are you ready to feel happy, inspired and empowered?

Would you like to reconnect to your intuition, inner strength, and inner guidance?

Would you like to feel less stressed in your life?

Often, the busy lives we lead can cause our energy systems to become stressed and out of balance, manifesting in our bodies as physical pain or illness, or as emotional distress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Some of the most common reasons people come to see me for an individual session include:

  • Healing depression, stress and anxiety
  • Entrepreneurs – managing Work-Stress and Overwhelm
  • Connecting more deeply to personal intuitive abilities
  • For rejuvenation and relaxation
  • Recovering from grief and loss
  • Healing from physical and emotional trauma

Bringing your mind, body, and spirit back into its natural state of balance is what Reiki does best.

As you receive the Reiki and it works gently to heal and support what you need in that moment , I am often able to ‘pick up’ or ‘tap into’ information about what has caused the current issue, where it is located within the body, and/or what is needed for you to move forward.

With these energetic healing shifts and the increased personal awareness you gain from your session, you will notice very quickly how this begins to positively affect your energy flow, clarity, and motivation and shift what is no longer serving you in your life.

How we can work together:

In person Healing Sessions:

During an in-person, or ‘hands-on’ Reiki session you simply relax on a massage table (fully clothed), with a blanket and pillows for comfort. The room is set up with soft lighting, gentle music, and essential oils to assist you to relax. 

I place my hands gently on or over the body in specific positions and the Reiki energy passes from my hands to you. During the session, you may feel sensations of heat, coolness, tingling beneath the hands, or simply a sense of calm and relaxation. 

The Reiki moves gently throughout the body to where it is needed, balancing out any energy blockages and revitalising all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit, so that your body can once again take over and heal itself.  

A full Reiki session lasts for an hour.

Distance Healing Sessions:

I regularly help clients who live in Melbourne, interstate and overseas using the Reiki distance healing process. It works in the same way as an ‘in person’ session and can assist with all of the same issues. The only difference is that you are not in the room with me! (I know it sounds a bit ‘out there’ but it truly works in very deep and profound ways!).

Distance healing sessions are carried out over a period of an hour. Then we have a half-hour follow-up appointment via Skype or phone where I discuss with you what occurred within the healing. You also receive continued healing from me during this phone session while we talk, so you can integrate any energetic shifts that you may experience.


“Amanda is an Energy Healing Angel on Earth! She was spot on with her reading of me, and amazingly from on the other side of the world. I was unsure if a long distance reading and energy healing could work, but now I am a believer. In our first session together, Amanda gave me so much wisdom, and energetic shifts, I left our call feeling so hopeful and at peace. 

Results are what we often rely on to measure success. I am thrilled to report my results, which keep coming to me are beyond what I imagined. Within less than 24 hours, I had 3 business opportunities, out of nowhere, fall into my lap. A professional avenue I have just begun pursuing has connected me to two ideal clients! A new client who initially only wanted a smaller service of mine, met with me and now wants one of my biggest packages. Since our Zoom call, I feel confident, my energy level is realigned with a success mindset and really the only thing different is my work with Amanda. Hire Amanda, she is not only kind, genuine, caring, her work gets you out of your own way!”

~ Juls, USA

“Amanda, I can’t tell you how helpful this has been.

Along with meditation, it’s been the most powerful, inspiring personal development investment that I’ve made in myself in the last – I don’t know how many years!

 Everything you’ve said has almost given me goosebumps it’s been so accurate and ‘on the money’ and affirming for me, and I feel like it all makes sense. It’s just giving me such confidence and I can’t thank you enough. This may well have to be a monthly thing for me! “

~ Jude, England

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