Reiki Master/Teacher Program

Are you wanting to take your personal Reiki Journey to an even deeper level of understanding and connection?

Would you love to share the teachings of Reiki with your clients, family and friends as a Master/Teacher?

Are you ready to connect to the Mystery Teachings of Reiki?

You would know by this stage of your journey – that every  ‘level’ of Reiki brings with it powerful healing and deep spiritual connection and transformation.

Becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher is not about becoming a ‘guru’ ,or mastering Reiki. Like many ancient traditions we are all forever students! This level of Reiki is a profound journey of self-mastery combined with the opportunity to become a custodian of the sacred Reiki teachings.

In this high level immersion program you will be supported deeply as you grow and explore.

At the completion of this intensive you will be a Master/Teacher of Traditional Usui Reiki, ready to share the Reiki teaching with others with integrity and authenticity.

During this Program you will:

  • Gain an even deeper connection to Reiki, and a powerful new level of knowledge and understanding for your personal and professional journey.
  • Receive the 3 Master/Teacher attunements.
  • Learn the sacred process of giving the Reiki attunements to others.
  • Gain the confidence to teach Reiki to others with integrity and authenticity.
  • Have access to my teaching insights (and mistakes!) and support to shortcut your learning curve and give your future students the most powerful possible outcome in their Reiki journey with you.
  • Experience a powerful, personal healing journey.
  • Explore knowledge and understanding of the Master Symbol.
  • Gain deeper understanding of the traditional Japanese origins and techniques of Reiki.

I have continued to study the traditional teachings from respected teachers and sources since becoming a Master/Teacher in 2012 to bring you the best and most accurate program possible. 

How will the journey unfold?

The Reiki Master/Teacher journey is run over a period of 6-12months in the more ‘traditional’ apprenticeship method of teaching and allows for a deeply profound journey on many levels. You are able to learn the theoretical aspects of Reiki whilst immersing yourself in the practical and deeply spiritual experiences of the teachings.

Due to the depth of healing and learning that you will experience as you make your way through your Master/Teacher journey, you will mostly likely be challenged as well as enlightened, as may also have occurred with each previous levels of Reiki training! The deep level of support I offer means I am here to guide you through any healing opportunities, questions and insights to allow you to experience the journey exactly as you need it for your healing and enlightenment.

The Reiki Master/Teacher Journey

There are three main components to the Reiki
Master/Teacher Journey – Your personal journey, the Reiki Master
Training and Reiki Master/Teacher training. Each is as important
and empowering as the other, and together will allow you to be a
Reiki Master/Teacher.

Your Personal Reiki Journey

Your personal experiences with Reiki give you the the opportunity to be the most empowered Reiki Master/Teacher.

Self first – always.The first couple of months of your journey will be focused on deepening your personal practice, connection and understanding of Reiki. You will receive regular ‘homeplay’ via email where you will be invited to explore different elements of Reiki and journey deeper into these practices.

From here we dive deep into the teaching aspects of the Master/Teacher Journey with the combination of individual sessions and group workshops.


Individual Mentoring Sessions

In our individual sessions, we will focus on your journey into the Reiki Master/Teacher energy and preparation for each of the in person classes. These sessions will be held via Zoom and will always include distance healing during the call.

Your four individual appointments will be spaced throughout the workshops according to your personal needs.


Reiki Master Training – 2day component

Over these two days – we will explore the symbols and precepts at an even deeper level following your personal immersion and exploration, as well as exploring some of the traditional Japanese practices to deepen your connection to Reiki.

You will learn how to send healing to a collective ‘Reiki Box’, learn the Master Symbol and where and how to work with it, plus you will receive 3 the Master/Teacher attunements.

In between this class and the next workshop – you will continue to practice and explore Reiki Teachings and practices through regular ‘homeplay’ as you continue on your personal Master/Teacher journey.

Master/Teacher Training – 3 days

In the first two days of this this training you will learn and practice the sacred Reiki Attunements and how to teach each level.

On the third day I will share with you the deeper elements of teaching Reiki so that you can feel confident if and when you choose to teach in the future. We will cover everything from managing client expectations to delivering the content in a way that each participant will understand and much, much more.

Are you ready to step into Master/Teacher Level Training?

This class is for you if:

      • You are excited to see what comes next with this incredible energy and all it has to teach you about yourself, your life and Reiki!
      • You are ready to step up into the next level of commitment to Reiki with your time, energy and focus.
      • You are not afraid to dig deep, and work on your personal Reiki practice as you learn to become a Teacher to others.
      • You are committed to attend all components of the workshop and do not need to miss/leave early from any aspects of the training.
      • You are 100% committed to be a true custodian of the Traditional Reiki teachings – honouring its sacredness as you take it further into the world and into your daily practice.
      • You are committed to partaking in any required re-sit of classes as part of your Master/Teacher development.
      • You are wanting to teach from a place of experience not just from written information.
      • You want to be guided and supported by a teacher who is passionate about maintaining integrity of Reiki and has experience as a practitioner, teacher and lifelong student and who honours your personal Reik journey.

PS – It’s totally normal to feel a mix of excitement and nervousness as you read this!!

This may not be right for you at this time if:

      • You don’t feel ready to give 100% to your Master/Teacher journey.
      • You don’t feel you have the time or energy to work on your own healing as part of the Master/Teachers training.
      • You don’t have a minimum of 4 hours a week to devote to coursework and personal practice.
      • You want to learn the theory of Reiki Mastery but not dive into the experiences and practices themselves.

Due to the depth of this workshop, this class is open by application only


You must have had a minimum of 12months since completing your Reiki Level 1 to apply for this training.

You will be asked to complete a short application form.

You will be required to re-sit at least one full level of both Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 Workshops, Reiki Level 2 Expansion and at least 1 Reiki share

(all re-sits are included in the cost of your training).

Due to the nature of the spiritual journey the completion date may vary from person to person so you can learn in the way that is perfect for you.

The expected duration of this program is 6-12 months.

What can you expect from me as a Reiki Master/Teacher?

Having begun my own personal healing journey with Reiki in 2000 I have had many years of profound and practical personal experiences with Reiki.

As a Practitioner since 2010, and a Master/Teacher since 2012 – I have seen the endless ways Reiki can assist with healing and personal and spiritual growth. I have also learnt many lessons as a small business owner and workshop facilitator.

I bring this depth of personal and professional knowledge and experience to this intensive training. I share many practical and energetic lessons, tips and practices openly with you so that you can have a head start in your journey as a Master/Teacher and Practitioner.

I am passionate about continually adding more value and support into each class I run, and each year I invest heavily in my personal and professional development to be the best facilitator I can be on your journey and to bring you up to date information and support.

I believe that each person comes to Reiki through their own journey of trauma, experience, and spirit and as a result, I work to cater to your individual needs.

I have trained under three Usui Reiki Master/Teachers since 2000:

Foina Drummond – Reiki Level 1.

Tricia Statham – Reiki Level 2 2005, Level 2 Advanced 2006 , Master/Teacher 2012

Frans Steine – Master/Teacher 2017.

Whether you are a first-time energy person, or a seasoned energy worker, I will meet you where you are to give you the most profound healing experience possible with the most comprehensive support I can offer. It is important at this stage to let you know I am no ‘guru’. Even with many years of Reiki experience, I am a big believer that Reiki is a lifelong journey – and I certainly do not profess to know all there is about this ancient technique. As a Master/Teacher I am deeply committed to continually learning and growing and sharing knowledge openly with my students and the truth is also that my students and clients are also my greatest teachers!


I haven’t trained with you for my other levels? Can I do my Master Teacher Training with you?
Yes, students who have not trained with me are welcome to undertake master teacher training with me. Contact me here to discuss further.
When is the next enrolment period for Reiki Master/Teacher Program?
The next enrolment period will open in December 2017. Please contact me here to be notified as soon as enrolments open.
What is the investment?

Please contact me here to discuss the investment for the program.
Payment plans are available.

If I change my mind can I get a refund?
I offer a three day cooling off period for all my classes. Please do think carefully before signing up as beyond there can be no refunds once your training begins outside of the normal government regulations. You will begin your training immediately once you register and content and workshops are delivered over the 6-12 month period.
When do I receive my certificate of completion?
Certificates of completion will be given after all workshop components, class resits, Individual sessions and all payments have been completed. This will usually occur within 12months of the beginning of your program.
Will I need additional 1:1 Support?

In order to keep your investment costs as affordable as possible, and your personal needs supported, I have included 4 x individual sessions within the Master/Teacher teaching program to give you deep support through the program.
In the traditional teaching of becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher – it is not a ‘course’, it is a deep personal and spiritual journey. So I while I endeavour to give you as much knowledge and support during this program as possible – you may require some additional mentoring outside of the programYou may find that you need different levels of support depending on what you do following your training, particularly as you begin to teach.Each person’s journey is different. In my personal Master/Teacher journey I had regular mentoring with my teacher until she retired and I will also make this available to you at my regular Mentoring rate. It will be completely up to you decide what you feel you need!

Why do I have to re-sit a class?

As you will be teaching these classes it is important to gain an understanding of Reiki from a Master/Teacher perspective, particularly as it may have been a few years since you undertook level 1 and 2 trainings. You gain a whole new level of understanding of the teachings through class resits and I can’t emphasise enough how valuable they are.

We will discuss insights/questions you gain following any re-sits and you will of course learn something new each time. Re-sitting is also a powerful way to address any current healing you may need for yourself as you continue on your Master/Teacher journey.

I don’t want to teach classes, do I have to do the second 3 day workshop?

Should you simply wish to learn for yourself and do not wish to learn the attunement process – please let me know when you apply and we can discuss an alternative plan for your journey.

Please note – while you may not feel at this time you wish to teach classes or 1:1 however as a Master/Teacher it is incredibly valuable learn the attunement processes should your practice evolve. The attunement process is one of the most beautiful aspects of becoming a Reiki Master/ Teacher and a very special privilege to learn.

Through working through these teachings you will also gain a deeper understanding of Reiki as we break it down into how to teach. This information is powerful in it’s own right for your Reiki Journey.

I hope that helps to answer some of the questions you might have about learning Reiki at this level with me.

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