Reiki Shares

Reiki Shares are carried out in a small group environment and are a great opportunity for Reiki Channels of all levels to give and receive Reiki in a relaxed, supportive and non-judgemental environment. Reiki Channels who have not studied with me are also most welcome to come along.  

If you would like to come along simply to receive Reiki and you have not learnt Reiki – you are also most welcome!

For Reiki Channels, it is lovely to be able to practice giving Reiki to different people, to ask questions and share experiences with like-minded people. I am always present to help you continue to grow and expand on your Reiki journey.

It’s also nice to receive a Reiki treatment yourself if you are usually the ‘giver’!

The space is always set up in the same nurturing and relaxed atmosphere as my classes. Reiki Channels who attend these shares often describe feeling more connected to their Reiki practice, more confident in working with Reiki and also a sense of support with like-minded people.

What happens at a Reiki Share?

We generally begin and end the shares with a short, guided meditation (no meditation experience required), but you can certainly choose not to participate in this aspect if you choose.

Reiki will usually be given to any ‘non channels’ first and then the Reiki channels take it in turns with each other. Sometimes we will work 1:1, in pairs or with several channels working on one person, dependent on the situation and the group.

Reiki treatments are usually between 15-60 minutes long, dependent on the number of people who are present, to make sure everyone gets a turn of receiving over the 2.5hour session.

Prior to coming along, I will ask you to register at least 2 days prior to the class, and give you any additional information you might need. Shares are kept at a very low cost of $15 per person. Address is in Upwey and is provided upon registration.

You are most welcome to bring family and friends who are Reiki channels or non-Reiki channels who would like to experience Reiki.

2017 Dates

JANUARY – Tuesday 17th

FEBRUARY – Saturday 4th, Tuesday 21st

MARCH – Saturday 4th, Tuesday 21st

APRIL – Tuesday 18th

MAY – Saturday 6th, Tuesday 16th

JUNE – Saturday 3rd, 

JULY – Tuesday 18th

AUGUST – Saturday 5th, 

SEPTEMBER – Tuesday 19th

OCTOBER – Saturday the 7th

NOVEMBER – Tuesday 21st

DECEMBER – Saturday 2nd (FINAL share for 2017)

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