Amanda Freeman - Reiki Master/TeacherIn the year 2000 I was just 20 years old. I was suffering from depression and chronic pain which had begun a few years earlier after a childhood accident at the age of 11. I had zero motivation. I felt lost, sad and broken. Would I ever be able to have the happiness I saw in others around me? A series of Reiki sessions, on the recommendation of a friend, was the changing point for me.

I felt something begin to shift.

It was all of the trauma, pain and fear that I had been un-knowingly carrying around since I was 11, finally shifting, healing and releasing in such a gentle way. I could not believe what I was feeling!

It was like the light had been turned back on inside of me.

I began to feel hope, excitement, clarity.  All of the things I had I had been missing for such a long time! I learnt during these sessions – that sometimes we have to gently clear whatever energy has become blocked to allow happiness and abundance to flow through into our lives again, and that I could do so safely and without fear or overwhelm – or the need to re-hash the past traumas.

So began my personal journey out of victimhood and into empowerment. 

I became a Reiki Level 1 channel soon after. Being given the gift of self-healing and re-connection to my inner strength and intuition kicked off a whole new understanding and expansion of my intuition, personal and spiritual development and of just how deeply my mind, body, and spirit were connected.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher I am passionate about working with people who find themselves similarly disheartened or ‘stuck’ but who know that they have so much to give and create in this lifetime!

I’ve been there, I know what it feels like and I know that it is possible to come out the other side too, not just feeling ‘ok’ – but feeling amazing, empowered and making a positive impact in the world despite the difficulties you have faced.

In your personal healing journey, or your business journey.

As an experienced Master/Teacher,  Practitioner and Facilitator

I love teaching others how to not only empower themselves, but also work as successful Practitioners and Teachers in their healing field too. Teaching and Mentoring at this level I am able to share all of my lessons, guide, support and give healing along this big journey.  Building a Healing Practice takes time and energy and I love holding space in this way so that there can be more passionate, ethical Practitioners and Teachers to help with healing the world one person (or class) at a time!

 Are you ready to begin your healing journey?

Whatever stage of your healing journey you are at, and whether you need assistance for your personal or in your professional life, I am here to help you return to your natural state of personal empowerment, balance, clarity, and inspiration.

I work in person in Upwey or via Distance using Skype or Phone.

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