I work with you to reclaim your personal power, trust your inner knowing, and finally heal those overwhelming blocks and sabotages – so you can live your empowered life and grow your sustainable, profitable business.

Hi, I’m Amanda Freeman.

An Energy Alchemist and Mentor, empowering and supporting soul-led business women to show up powerfully and purposefully in their life and  work.

After healing deep-seated trauma and illness – and reconnecting with my inner strength and intuition – I discovered what keeps us ‘stuck’ in self-sabotage, overwhelm and burnout.

And when we can move through it, magic happens.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help conscious entrepreneurs unblock and balance their energy and mindset. So they have the clarity and confidence to thrive in business and life – and work to make a powerful and profound impact in the world.

I know what it’s like to juggle all the things. As a wife. Mother. Friend. Business owner. Facilitator. Healing Practitioner.

For a long time, I tried so hard to do it all ‘perfectly’, instead of showing up fully as my true self – and believing that was enough.

I figured if I just worked hard enough doing what I loved, I could live up to expectations that didn’t fit me, outrun life’s obstacles, and avoid its ups and downs.

Until I burnt out.

I discovered we need to work with our energy, honouring all of who we are, and creating a life and business journey to fit – not the other way around.

For me, that’s integrating my list-loving, logical side with a whole lot of woo in all that I do! Daring to do things differently, I began blending the practical with energy work, self-awareness, the mystical and healing – and now support others to do the same.

On the sacred path to self-healing and empowerment, I:

Became a Reiki Level 1 channel – and later a Reiki Master/Teacher – to heal and support my fibromyalgia diagnosis and depression sparked by a childhood accident.

Met my soulmate and became a mother to two girls, cracking open a whole new part of myself and an even deeper side to my soul purpose!

Learned to draw on a deep inner knowing to navigate work and life challenges, with more ease and empowerment.

Trained in EFT, Sacred Circle Facilitation, Mediumship, intuitive techniques and coaching to support hundreds of women all over the world.

Connected deeply to my intuition and became a sought-after Reiki Master/Teacher for healing and training, as well as running over 30 workshops and Women’s Circles in healing and personal development.

Shared my journey and expertise as a guest speaker on podcasts and at local women in business events.

Built a successful, sustainable, socially conscious business, giving a portion of my income to charity.

Invested in educating myself on racism, ableism and environmental issues – to deconstruct my conscious and unconscious bias, and help build a better world.

Essentially, I dared to live and work in ways that honour my energy, values and gifts. So I can deeply care and connect with others, give back, and leave a legacy.

And I would love to support you to do the same.

You’re ready to make a powerful impact with your soul work. 

Here’s how I can help you do just that:

Energy Mastery 1:1 Packages

Over 12 empowering weeks, we work 1:1 to co-create your highest service. With bespoke mentoring, intuitive guidance, Reiki, self-healing, energy activation and personalised meditations aligned to your business and goals.

Empowered You Circle Mastermind

Take your sacred business to a whole new level as you clear, heal and rise to your highest leadership potential. Experience deep healing, support and connection over 12 weeks, with like-minded business owners and practitioners.

I’m also a speaker for women in business

Here’s my professional bio:

Amanda Freeman helps smart, successful women in business master their energy. So they can overcome overwhelm, self-sabotage and burnout – and make a powerful impact in the world with their work.

She is an Energy Alchemist and Mentor for soul-led business women – as well as a Reiki Master/Teacher, EFT Master Practitioner, Sacred Circle Facilitator, and intuitive business owner. Plus, she is a regular guest speaker on podcasts and at local women in business events.

Combining the practical with the energetic, Amanda facilitates powerful transformation for her clients – so they can show up and be successful, sustainable and socially conscious in life and business.

Her energy alchemy transforms services, relationships, wellbeing and personal reality, elevating your service to its highest potential clients, delivery and abundance.

When she’s not holding space for you and your soul work, you’ll find Amanda at home with her family among the trees in Melbourne, walking in the forest, swimming, drinking herbal tea (with chocolate of course) and learning all things healing, spirituality, conscious business and personal growth.

You’re welcome to use the above bio and below images for promotional purposes, with a link back to my website.

Are you ready to unblock your energy – so you can show up, serve and create the success you’ve been working so hard for?

I’m here to help.


I would like to acknowledge that I live and work on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation and I wish to pay my respects to the elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty has never been ceded.

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