Take your Sacred Business to a whole new level as you clear, heal and rise to your highest leadership potential.

Imagine you……….

Have cleared your fears and healed yourself in order to rise to meet your powerful personal and business goals in 2020. You did this with rapid ease and grace thanks to the sacred container, accountability and support that you received through this experience, which was essential to shift your reality on every level.

Grow your clientele: from taking your existing clients to the next step with you through to growing your community. Most importantly – attracting fully aligned clients that are ready and fully aligned to work with you!

Achieve what you envision without hustle, burnout or overwhelm. Sacred practices and support give you ‘space’ instead of more on your to-do list. Clear and heal old wounds as they arise so you no longer get stuck, close down or feel isolated.
This allows you to move much faster than you used to and co-create with a higher frequency, with laser focus.

Support your clients at a deeper level now that you are fully supported yourself. Your clients can feel the power and potency of your energy and its impact on their results. They are magnetised, grateful and responsive to your work.

Enjoy sky high self-confidence, productivity and clarity in your intuitive abilities, skills and the work that you deliver now that you have shown self sabotage the door and have claimed you place in service. You own your expertise and share it powerfully.

Deliver fully booked sessions, seminars and programs with ease, grace and experienced guidance on how to make it happen!

The next intake for 2020 begins in JUNE…..

In this 12 week Mastermind, soulful connection with like minded business owners and practitioners is fused with distance healing, mentoring & masterminding in Sacred Circle so that first and foremost, you return home to yourself.

Guided visualisations and intuitive practices support you to explore and experience a reality beyond your perceived limitations, so that you can move beyond them with ease and healing now that you’ve reclaimed all of who you really are.

As you deepen your intuition and shift sabotages in this sacred space, you will reclaim your power and powerful momentum to grow your thriving business.

That is why this is NOT a course… it’s a little different…

You are a passionate,  socially conscious, empowered woman with a deep desire to create transformation in this world! I know you have so much on your plate already and your time and energy are precious. This Mastermind is specifically designed to enhance your personal empowerment without pressure, ‘push’ or hustle so you can run a sustainable, soulful and profitable business. 

With deep Healing, Support and Connection and a powerful combination of Sacred Circle and Masterminding we will work with mindset, energy awareness, activation and inspired action in a way that is catered to what is unfolding for you right now .

We’ll explore and EMBODY self-care, healing and transformation in your life and business without or the need for hours and hours of ‘doing’ each week.

 During our calls, you have space and time to relax, share, ask questions and immerse in collective healing and experiences. You won’t just find and talk about old patterns beliefs and experiences, you’ll heal and dissolve them on emotional, spiritual and practical levels!

Whilst attending the calls live is highly recommended, the healing is infused within each and you’ll receive the energy and insights should you listen to the replay! Calls are currently set for 8pm on Monday evenings AEST (however they will be confirmed once all registrations are confirmed to ensure it matches the collective availability and timezones).

During Empowered You Circle Mastermind – you will be invited to gently explore & connect to the 6 themes of:

  • Self-care
  • Boundaries
  • Resistance and self-sabotage
  • Rhythms and cycles
  • Money Energy and Abundance
  • Visibility


Join us as we begin again in June……..


When I first started on the ‘Empowered You’ 12 week immersion with Amanda I felt lost, insecure and vulnerable. I look back now and see that I knew deep down what I wanted from my life but I was afraid to chase it with honesty and without fear.

Putting into place self care practices, strategies and other amazing strategies that Amanda has so beautifully shared has made a massive difference on how I view myself, my values and my time. Not only in regards to my personal life but also in regards to my business. I deeply feel that I need to look after myself to be the best version of me for my family; my business and also for me as an individual.

In the space of just 12 weeks, I have achieved more clarity with my goals, how I want my business to work despite the pressures of my industry, and I feel very inspired to create new and amazing work through following my intuition.

Thank you so much Amanda for taking my hand and showing me the path to being a happier, more confident person and for reigniting my passion for so many things in my life.

Rachel –  Peony Lane Studio

The Empowered You Inclusions:

6 x 90 minute Group Calls

Includes distance healing, sacred circle Practices and Masterminding.

Guest Mentor Calls 

Scheduled once the needs of the collective are identified. 

Personal healing resources

Shared digitally for you to keep


6 x  Group healings

With LIVE sharing in the FB group

Active Facebook community

Live weekly teachings accountability prompts, self-reflection invitations, real-time 1:1 mentoring and support within the group setting.


Investment begins at $665 per month. No-fee payment plans and a limited number of VIP packages with additional 1:1 support are available.

At the time of undertaking the immersion I was completing my University Thesis and experiencing some turmoil within my family. I was feeling overwhelmed, emotionally depleted and a little lost. 

The group and the teachings offered me a refuge each week and time out for myself. The group calls left me feeling so connected and supported and with new skills to manage the challenges that presented day to day. I would describe my experience as nurturing and amazing. I have never felt more connected to myself than at the completion of the experience!

Amanda’s unwavering commitment to supporting each participant was felt throughout each moment. Her warmth and nurturing ways made me feel seen and celebrated along all parts of the journey.

Over the 3 months, I was able to fully integrate and ‘dive deep’ into myself, exploring the topics as they unfolded. I couldn’t have wished for a better programme and practitioner to facilitate my development than Amanda. Thankyou, Thankyou. Life has transformed for me in the most magical ways, and my ability to manage new situations has grown exponentially!

Tori – Social Work Graduate

In this 12 Week Immersion, I’m bringing only the most powerful elements of my 20 years healing expertise to YOU – so you can deliver your most potent work!

By the end of this experience you will be able to feel:
  • Reconnected to all of who you are.
  • Able to run your business with clarity, sustainability and soulful profit with your own energy fully aligned.
  • A deep sense of self-love, self-awareness and self-confidence.
  • Able to navigate anything that your life and business throws at you with ease and grace in real time.
  • Able to stop comparing yourself to others and fully own the value of your work.
  • Focused and on track with your vision and soul purpose – no more procrastination or distraction.
  • Confident in your ability to be visible – with no fear or self doubt.
  • Supported, seen, heard and understood.
  • Able to leave exhaustion and overwhelm behind as you fully honour yourself, your purpose and your energy and take aligned action in your life and business.
  • Ready to experience your version of ‘success’ with grounding, purpose and passion

Can highly recommend this program. Things I have wanted to shift for ages but not known how are moving and dissolving – more space for me and my dreams!

Michelle J – Professional musician, Teacher and Reiki Practitioner 

This may not be for you if:

  • You feel like you need specific 1:1 support (please contact me for how I can support you in this way).
  • Aren’t comfortable connecting/learning in a group setting.
  • Have not yet begun your business/practice.
  • Are not wishing to take 100% sacred responsibility for your own healing.
  • Are not open to learning new practical and energetic techniques to support your experience.
  • Are unable to attend at least 90% of the calls. 
  • Will experience financial hardship if you join.
  • Don’t have at least an hour a week to dedicate to implementing and working with what unfolds in the immersion.

Complimentary calls:  

These calls are for us to connect and ensure we are aligned to work together. There are no sneaky sales tactics, or hard selling – just time to chat and see if I am the right person to support you at this time. Please contact me HERE if you have any further questions, or can’t find the perfect time to connect in the booking link


Creating safe accessible spaces is really important to me. This workshop welcomes anyone who identifies as a woman, or who prefers not to gender identify.

If you are currently not in a position to invest in working with me, I do offer a limited number of ‘pay what you can’ and ‘reduced rate’ sessions. Please contact me HERE with more details on what you would like to access and I can let you know what I currently have available, or add you to my waiting list.

Giving Back 

A donate a portion of EVERY service to charity as a way to give back. So when you work with me you are also a part of that! In 2020 Share the Dignity and Foothills Community Care are receiving these contributions.

I must say I am extremely impressed with the energy you put into the group and your wisdom with words. Not pushing, nor guiding – prompting clear introspection is the best I can describe it. A true gift.

Thank you, I am so pleased I followed the universal nudges in your direction and ultimately the group.

S. Welsh – PhD, Emmett Therapist, Reiki Master ~ Empowered You Circle Mastermind

Additional Praise from women who have worked with me before:

“I’m so grateful for Amanda’s monthly Sacred Circle for Practitioners. I’ve been attending pretty regularly for 18 months. It’s such a beautiful celebration of feminine energy and support. I always come away with a sense of peace and acceptance for wherever I am in that moment. I believe it’s been instrumental in the growth and success of my business. The women in circle nurture and support me so I can hold space for others. 

 Jaclyn – Psychologist ~ Women’s circles for Practitioners and Women in Business. 

“I feel blessed….Thank you so much. I got everything I hoped for from this experience,  particularly centredness, connection to the yin energy within me and within the community. Loved your mini meditations,  story-telling exercise is something I still look back upon. What I took with me from the weekend is the sense of calm, centredness,  reaffirmed my connection to my higher self and my purpose, let go of the old patterns of going into a sad place and I started to notice when I do that…thank you”

Julia, Naturopath ~ 2 Day ‘Reclaim’ Women’s workshop

“I have been sitting and reflecting on my weekend and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a safe, warm and heartfelt space.

It is the first time in a very long time where I have been able to be completely honest with myself and allow myself to understand the blocks and obstacles that have been standing in my way…….you radiate such love and kindness – it comes through your voice, your heart and your teachings. You are truly on a wonderful path and are leading others with your wisdom……So thank you, thank you, thank you. I will pick up my pen again, after a decade of no writing, and be true to my inner soul. You helped me to reclaim a part of me that I hadn’t realised how much I missed.”

Brooke A, Social Worker,  ~ 2 Day ‘Reclaim’ Women’s Workshop

Please reach out if you have any questions at all. I hope to share the journey with you.

I would like to acknowledge that I live and work on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation and I wish to pay my respects to the elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty has never been ceded.

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