You are a woman who loves holding sacred space for others in your life and work, but you’re no longer willing to sacrifice your own energy to do so.

You’re ready to support, lead and nurture from a place of full energy, empowerment and alignment.


**Have a deep desire to feel rested, inspired and energised despite your busy schedule! 

**Crave a deeper connection to and understanding of your intuition, inner knowledge and self-confidence. 

**Are smart, self-aware and have already done a lot of work on your personal development and healing.

**Know that when you feel aligned and your self-care practice is in full swing  you are better able to show up fully and powerfully in your home and work life.

**Have had healing sessions and attended workshops where you have felt fully energised and inspired and you want that feeling to last but you struggle to hold onto that way of being beyond a short period of time – as life, obligations, stress and business creep back in!

On so many levels you know what you ‘need’ but you are BUSY that it can be hard to keep yourself accountable and create the space to make it happen!

I’ve been here myself, and have supported literally hundreds of women in the exact same place. I know that even though you are an intelligent, capable and self aware woman,  it is often challenging to maintain your energy and awareness beyond a one hour session or a 2 day class. 

I sincerely believe that it IS possible to maintain your self-worth, energy, and self-confidence beyond those situations.

I believe that living life with ease, grace, joy and purpose is accessible in our busy world. You CAN access all that you need from within yourself to support and empower you – with some simple strategies, deep self-awareness, powerful healing and gentle support.

I’ve created this Empowered You 12 Week Immersion as a way to meet your needs in a fully supported and powerful way. This will be your very own sacred Circle of support and connection with like minded women.



Energy Strategy.




And all expereinced in a way that is long term, restorative and without hustle or more on your ‘to-do’ list!

I have created a safe space to be held for you over a period of 3 months which will allow you to heal and deeply anchor into nourishing self-care practices, and deepen your personal awareness. 

That is why this is not a course… it’s a little different…

This experience is specifically created in a way that there is no pressure, push or striving. 

It is all about finding our personal empowerment with intention, ease and integration. 

With deep Healing, Support and Connection we’ll work with Mindset, Energy Awareness and Inspired Action. 

We’ll explore and EMBODY self-care and healing without the hustle, stress or need for hours and hours of ‘doing’ each week.

Create your own empowered experience

You are welcome to join the pop up FB community – or simply journey in solitude with the email prompts and connect on our group live healing calls. If you feel you need more individual support for your transformation, you can choose the VIP option with 1:1 healings included too.

This immersion is designed for you to feel into just the right amount of healing, support and connection for you and your life and intention.

Over the past 9 years I have witnessed so many women create huge transformation with a combination of healing, support and connection using this process of mindset, energy awareness and inspired action.

  • One Student doubled her client base, created a harmonious home with her family, and healed long held deep seated childhood wounds.
  • One workshop participant returned to writing after a 10 year hiatus! 
  • One client was able to survive so powerfully from a significant trauma to a family member and herself it was beyond inspirational.
  • One client was able to define exactly what she needed to run her large service business and went from burnout to empowered CEO of her business. 
  • Students have gone from not feeling ‘enough’ to becoming life changing practitioners themselves.
  • One client went from being bullied in her workplace, to taking back her power and stepping back into all of who she is as a valued employee.

I could go on and on and on about the incredible transformations I have witnessed with my clients on their journeys, but what they all had in common was a deep desire for awareness and personal power, a safe container to move through what they needed to create the healing and change they needed, and an experienced healing practitioner and facilitator supporting and guided where it was needed.

In this 12 Week Immersion, I’m bringing only the most powerful elements of my 20 years of experience in healing to you.

By the end of this experience you will feel

  • Reconnected to all of who you are.
  • A deep sense of self-love, self-awareness and self-confidence.
  • Able to navigate anything that your life and business throws at you with ease and grace and strategy.
  • Supported, seen, heard and understood.
  • Ready to step into 2020 with grounding, purpose and passion

If you are ready to be fully present and empowered in your life and business through self-awareness and deep energy healing – then I’d love you join me.

Over the 12 weeks we will Explore & connect to the themes of:

Self-Love & Personal Power

Being in alignment, feeling empowered, boundaries, passion and purpose.

Staying Well

Practically and energetically balancing work/life/family and avoiding ‘burnout’.

Manifesting Abundance

In health, wealth & happiness.

Connection & Community

Creating deep, authentic relationships & friendships, healing old sister/mother/partner wounds.

Within all of these aspects we will explore our stories, our shadows, our soul purpose, we’ll re-align our boundaries and step fully into our power.

I’ll share practical and energetic strategies to support you through each stage of the journey.

On our calls, you have space and time to relax, share, ask questions and immerse in collective healing and experiences. If you can’t show up live to the calls – no problem. The healing is infused within each and you’ll receive the energy and insights when you listen to the replay! Calls are set at a daytime and evening over the 12 weeks to cater for everyone’s needs.

Through the weekly healings you will begin to shift on all levels. You won’t just find and talk about old patterns beliefs and experiences, you’ll heal and dissolve them on emotional, spiritual and practical levels as we’ll be working with a powerful combination of Mindset, Energy Awareness and Inspired Action.

It’s time to work and live in a different way that leaves you feeling deeply connected to all of who you are…

  • Learn to listen more deeply your body and energy and what she needs to be empowered.
  • Dissolve old rules that you have embodied about what you can and can’t do/feel/experience in your life.
  • Step into creating your life experience in a way that feels fully aligned.
  • Embrace all of who you are (shadows and light!).
  • Leave exhaustion and overwhelm behind as you fully honour yourself, your purpose and your energy. 
  • Deeply understand all aspects of who you are and step into your most empowered self with ease and confidence. 
  • Feel supported in a safe space with like-minded women.

If this sounds like something you would love to explore- I’d love to connect with you to discuss. We begin on the 2nd of September!

You can contact me HERE or on 0438 668 688.

Your Investment:

Super Early Bird Investment


Payment Plan – A deposit of $400 and 3 x payments of $199

Introductory Investment:


Payment Plan – Deposit of $399 and 3 x payments of $300

**Please note that this is the pilot price and will be increased in 2020.

I understand that your time, money and energy are valuable. It can feel challenging to invest in you! I’m so sure you will love this experience that if after the first 3 weeks you are not feeling as though you are experiencing any transformation – you can cancel your registration and any further payments.

**Please note – after this 3 week period, should you change your mind full payment will still be required as per my Refund Policy.

The Immersion Includes

  • 7 x 60 minute live zoom group healing calls over 12 weeks, including welcome and closing calls.
  • 12 x Powerful Weekly Group healings. 
  • Weekly email prompts for self care, connection, intention, ritual and support.
  • Fortnightly ‘mini invitations’ and prompts to explore the various themes and elements that we are exploring. 
  • Access to a Private FB group for the duration of the Immersion.
  • Bonus inclusions – Monthly Facebook lives, Theme specific Meditations, mini self-care workbook. 
  • Pay in full investment includes: 2 x 30minute, 1:1 Energy Intention Consultation


Creating safe accessible spaces is really important to me.This workshop welcomes anyone who identifies as a woman, or who prefers not to gender identify. 

If you are currently suffering from any disability that limits your access to finances or are in a minority group, I have spaces available to accommodate you through concession rates. Please contact me on 0438 668 688 or HERE

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.


Praise from women who have worked with me before:

“I feel blessed….Thank you so much. I got everything I hoped for from this experience,  particularly centredness, connection to the yin energy within me and within the community. Loved your mini meditations,  story-telling exercise is something I still look back upon. What I took with me from the weekend is the sense of calm, centredness,  reaffirmed my connection to my higher self and my purpose, let go of the old patterns of going into a sad place and I started to notice when I do that…thank you”

Julia, Melbourne ~ 2 Day Women’s workshop

“I have been sitting and reflecting on my weekend and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a safe, warm and heartfelt space.

It is the first time in a very long time where I have been able to be completely honest with myself and allow myself to understand the blocks and obstacles that have been standing in my way…….you radiate such love and kindness – it comes through your voice, your heart and your teachings. You are truly on a wonderful path and are leading others with your wisdom……So thank you, thank you, thank you. I will pick up my pen again, after a decade of no writing, and be true to my inner soul. You helped me to reclaim a part of me that I hadn’t realised how much I missed.”

Brooke A, Melbourne ~ 2 Day Women’s Workshop

“Thank You so much for the women’s circle. It was such a gentle and kind space to be a part of. Exactly what I needed that day. You are a wonderful and attuned facilitator”

Elishia, Melbourne ~ Women’s circle for Healing Practitioners and Women in Business.

Please reach out if you have any questions at all. I hope to share the journey with you.

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