Reiki Classes:

Since completing Reiki Level 2, I have experienced some major shifts & have found that my Reiki vibration has been heightened. I also feel that my intuition has become a lot stronger. I am able to use Reiki in almost every aspect of every day & have found that the absent/distant healings are unbelievable.  In my personal experience, absent healings on myself have been a lot more helpful in shifting issues than my hands-on Reiki. The absent healings have been great in helping others also, as it’s sometimes hard to find a time that suits both parties, therefore, making it very convenient to be able to give healings & for others to receive healings while living such busy lifestyles. I have had very positive feedback from every absent healing I have given. I believe the absents really help with self-confidence in Reiki & increasing intuition. Overall, I am very grateful for this gift of Reiki and feel the effects of it in every day.

Sarah ~ Reiki Level 2

I feel great after our sessions of Reiki. And then doing the class with you on the weekend, it will be a tool in my arsenal! You have been a catalyst in me having the tools and then the calm, grounding, confidence to go out and be in business. Thank you for all your help and support. I really feel you ‘get me’, and are there to help me with whatever I need. It really means a lot to me. Reiki and your support have been the best thing for me over the past few weeks. I have invested in trainings (great trainings) but knowing what I know now, I needed Reiki in my life. I’m sooooo glad I have found it now

Nicole ~ Reiki Level 1

I was one of those blessed to be in Amanda’s last level 1 workshop. It was amazing! It was far more exciting, and Spiritual than I thought. The shifts that I and others experienced throughout the weekend, were just amazing!!! The healing and relaxation over the weekend stays with you after going home back to your normal hectic life. Reiki gives you empowering healing and a supportive ‘hands-on’ tool to help with everyday life’s ups and downs. Amanda is an amazing beautiful Reiki master, whose support during and after the workshop is second to none!!! I highly recommend Amanda and her Reiki workshops.

Carol ~ Reiki Level 1

I just wanted to say that driving home last night, I said out loud ‘may every time I do Reiki, be respectful and pure’. Then I thought, that motivation is inspired by how you teach us. Thank you for giving us such pure and detailed instruction, with lots of patience and humour in there too! That respect for the lineage and the Reiki itself is always present with you, and it’s rubbing off on us.  Thanks for everything- I feel lighter. Love Michelle

Michelle ~ Reiki Level 2

WOW. I cannot thank you enough Amanda. I can’t even begin to explain the changes I feel already. The world looks different to me. I have a sense of calmness over me that I never thought I would have. I usually stress/over analyse /worry/rush around/worry about every small detail/need to control everything. After the weekend something has changed and I don’t feel that I need to do those things. You have changed my life! I am sleeping better, waking up feeling better and am not letting things get to me. I hope everyone from the weekend is feeling the same.Anyway, you are one amazing woman – kind, caring, nurturing, inspiring and generally a lovely person. Thank you with all my heart.

Bekki, Upwey ~ Reiki Level 1

I already feel like Reiki has changed my life. I cannot explain to you how good I am feeling about myself and that I am finally after god knows how long, feeling myself again. I have realised that I am the only person that I need, and as long as I keep supporting myself and believing in myself I can keep showing myself and everyone else around me the positive person that I am. I cannot thank you enough for bringing this into my life. You have been such a kind, loving and supportive person to me, so thank you!I have had such a massive turn around that it is overwhelming! So thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

Olympia ~ Reiki 1 

Participating in the level 1 Reiki course has given me tools for my everyday wellness toolkit that I didn’t know I was missing! Being a reiki channel I have safe, healthy, fat-free(!) and discreet method of dealing with everyday stresses as they pop up in my day. Putting hands on in the workplace, when out-and-about or at home is a way I can stay energised and positive and is a new response to situations that could increase my stress and anxiety levels. Amanda is passionate about supporting all of her clients and the Reiki shares she runs have helped me to gain confidence in my own practice and meet some beautiful like-minded people to share my experiences with.

Reiki works alongside and doesn’t interfere with the more traditional methods of managing stress, anxiety and depression that I continue to use.  As a Reiki Master and practitioner Amanda has shown me kindness, patience and understanding as we work through recent and long-standing issues in my life. Working with Amanda and Reiki, I have come to realise that we often hold onto many thoughts, core values or events from our lives, as energy in our bodies. Often this is happening without even knowing or being aware of it. In my sessions with Amanda I have been able to identify some of these issues as energy blockages and that they were blocking my path forward in those areas of my life. Amanda continues to assist me to shift these blockages and confront these issues on a deep energy level. Connecting in with my true self on this level continues to be very empowering.

Lisa ~ Reiki Level 1

Thanks Amanda for a life changing experience!  This is the shift that I have been working towards for 35 years. Optimism & moving forward with gratitude & love.

Michele ~ Reiki Level 2 

Learning Reiki was not what I expected. It was truly amazing for my whole self. The sense of self I got was truly remarkable and it is such an experience that it has to be experienced to be understood! I would love a whole weekend away to do it all again! One of the things I loved most was the incredible connectedness I felt with the other people. The incredible feeling of feeling empowered. It was as though I was in exactly the right place during the whole weekend. Thank you!

Mandy, Upwey ~ Reiki Level 1

In-Person Reiki Sessions

For me Amanda is the cross between a healer, counsellor and psychic. After a session, I feel completely relaxed and at ease. Reiki has helped me through one of the most difficult years of my life. Amanda has made me through Reiki sessions and what she has picked up through my energy is that it’s ok to be me and feel how I feel. She has given me the confidence to be true to myself. I knew this deep down but she was able to bring it out in me. She has helped heal my heart and my mind. Anyone wanting to take a spiritual approach to life and healing should try this out. I highly recommend it. I love her!

Katie, Upwey

I knew nothing about Reiki before my first session. It was recommended to me by my wife. After I have had a Reiki session I feel like I have taken a deep breath, relaxed and recharged my batteries. It seems to add balance and perspective to my week. I initially tried Reiki as an aid for my physical injuries sustained in a dirt bike accident. Reiki definitely helped but I have found the mental rejuvenation I feel after every session the reason I continue to return. I without a doubt have done and will continue to recommend Reiki sessions with Amanda. She is very aware of people’s individual state of mind.

Mick, Upwey

My decision to seek Reiki healing involved a phone call with Amanda, where I was satisfied with her detailed responses and subsequently made an appointment for a treatment. I was in great turmoil at the time and felt immediate relief during the session. This was followed up with a number of weekly sessions and I am very grateful to Amanda for the healing help I received on many levels and with such warmth and compassion.

Linda, Macclesfield

A dedicated practitioner who gently heals your soul – I highly recommend Amanda to anyone who is ready to move forward in their life in a profound way – your amazing dedication to healing is to be commended, Amanda!

Athena, Rowville

I went to see Amanda in regards to a situation that really had an impact on me. I knew I needed to work through my feelings about this situation but a traditional ‘sit and talk’ with someone was not for me.  I had had Reiki many years before just as an experience and felt quite strongly that I needed to get back in balance and so I went and saw Amanda.  It ended up helping me more than I could have imagined.  Amanda was able to clarify and explain the feelings I was having so precisely that I was able to examine them and move on so much quicker and with a lot more growth as a person than if I had brewed over the situation for months (or maybe years) never quite understanding or being able to put into words the feelings I had experienced. That, in combination with the Reiki treatment, has benefited me more than I can explain here in words.  I now see Amanda a few times a year and find it an excellent way of keeping myself balanced in a busy world!!

Rachel, Rowville

I recently had a session with Amanda to help prepare for the birth of my fourth child. During what was an exceptionally sensitive time of vulnerability for me, I found her ease in developing an instant rapport very comforting. During the session, her ability to identify energy blocks within me was deeply moving. She then skillfully assisted me to navigate energy and issues that I couldn’t articulate verbally. The session left me with a clarity of perspective and practical ideas to support the next steps of my journey. As a mother and birth worker, I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any woman preparing for conscious birth.

Eve, Eltham

I have had several Reiki sessions with Amanda and I can highly recommend her.  She has a gentle and encouraging manner and I manage to reach a deep state of relaxation almost instantly once the session begins.  I always feel her Reiki sessions filter through on so many levels and I look forward to my continued sessions with her.  Thank you, Amanda.

Sharon, Rowville

When I first came to see Amanda for a Reiki session, I had a long history of episodes of depression and my people-pleasing personality and recent life events had also left me quite anxious. I had spent time treating these symptoms traditionally and learning to accept the things I was not, eg. hopeless, a failure, damaged goods. This left me with a feeling of wanting to move forward in life but with no idea of who my true self was or how that person needed to be nurtured to live a contented life. I had a strong sense that the all the answers and the inner strength I needed were inside me somewhere- but how could I connect into that space? Working with Amanda I have connected in with my true self and reiki has helped me to “get out of my own way” and move towards a life that is closer to living my own purpose, than of my people-pleasing past self. Reiki has become an important part of my wellness toolkit and has helped me find and gain confidence in my own inner wisdom and instincts.

Lisa, Emerald

I had no idea what to expect from my session and wow it was amazing! Not only was I completely relaxed during and after, but it also helped remove an emotional block I have had for 22 years. This has helped my self-esteem blossom and my obsession over food diminish to being non-existent, therefore helping me in every part of my life. I have had more sessions since as I love the way it makes me feel. I thank Amanda for making my life so much better. I would highly recommend Amanda who is extremely caring and friendly.

Christine, Upwey

 Distance Healing Sessions:

Before meeting Amanda, I didn’t know much about Reiki, but my long distance healing session with her was amazing! It greatly exceeded my expectations. I am amazed at the insight and power of the session even from the other side of the world. 

Before our sessions, I had been stuck in a rut in my business. A stressful client situation had left me feeling run down and a bit lost. Even though I had tried a few other techniques to work through it, my Reiki sessions with Amanda were really what helped me finally get unstuck and regain my confidence and energy to move forward. Amanda is so intuitive, gentle, and loving. I highly, highly recommend her!

Megan, Michigan, USA

WOW WOW WOW!! I really felt the higher powers at play today, in my first Reiki session ever! Amanda thank you so much for your beautiful talent and skill, in this field. You connected easily and read all my energy accurately. The timing for it to be was perfect!
If you feel stuck or need some clarity, I highly recommend a session with Amanda. By the way – my session was over the phone, just incredible.

Maria, Sydney

I have been working with Amanda Freeman on integrating Reiki healing into my spiritual needs and self-care routine. Amanda has been amazing at helping me level up in my business – I’ve seriously only had two sessions so far and can’t quite believe the difference it made. After my 1st session – the very next day I signed up TWO new clients. After my 2nd session, I’ve since signed up FOUR new clients. And I’m also the happiest + most settled within myself that I have ever been.

Rachel Shillcock, England

Amanda Freeman is my secret weapon for emotional healing, spiritual growth and embodying my leadership! Prior to working with Amanda, I had never worked with an energy healer, and although I understood the basic concepts such as the chakra system, I didn’t really know if energy work really ‘worked’. My mind was blown away from my very first session with Amanda, where she helped to uncover and heal a deep wound that went all the way back to my childhood. Ever since then I have been one of Amanda’s biggest fans and I’m committed to working with her on a long-term basis because her work truly is that powerful. Amanda’s approach is grounded, nurturing, wise and intuitive. She has taught me how to truly feel my feelings. How to be vulnerable and raw and real. And that has changed all of the relationships in my life. I count her as an integral part of my support system, and her work is a vital key in my growth as an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother and a woman on the Heroine’s Journey of coming home to herself. 

Layla Saad, Qatar

Amanda, what a gift you have given me. After a single long-distance reiki healing with Amanda, I have had some profound shifts occur. I had no idea what to expect and even a little bit of skepticism but that has been blown away. I chose to meditate for the 30 minutes before our call while Amanda sent healing, and amazingly we both saw the same vision at the same time. I am still stunned by this but Amanda seems unsurprised! 4 days after our session there is no doubt in my mind that she has brought me significant healing. Amanda’s intuition and healing powers are quite otherworldly. This was my first reiki session and it won’t be my last. 

Gem, Sydney

I have to admit that I didn’t really know what Reiki was or what to expect. I was also a little bit skeptical but as someone who’s open-minded, I totally embraced the opportunity and went into it with my eyes and heart wide open.

Amanda told me that I could either go about my day like any other, or I could make myself comfortable with some candles, crystals and meditation. I planned on doing the latter but completely forgot on the day so I went about my day like it was a normal day.

After an hour of distance healing, Amanda called me to discuss what had come up and it was almost creepy how accurately she described how I was feeling and what came through for her. It was like she had stepped right inside of me and knew where I was at energy wise. It was extremely liberating to have someone understand how I was feeling. I had sort of reached a plateau in my business and couldn’t seem to get past it and get further ahead. 

With Reiki, it was not only revealed why I was feeling that way (partly due to fear of not being good enough) but Amanda helped me clear the blocks and move past them.

By the time I had my 3rd session massive shifts had taken place. I am now moving forward with confidence and revived energy. It was such a beautiful, but at the same time confronting, experience and I now know which parts of me I need to nurture and look after so that I won’t fall back into ‘stuckness’.

Bianca, Melbourne

The absent healing received through Amanda was an experience I will treasure. It brought great reassurance and comfort during a very difficult time in my life. Amanda’s ability to use Reiki is a true gift.

Kate, Rowville

I had no idea what to expect from Reiki, let alone a long distance Reiki treatment. But after talking to Amanda I was completely open to having a session with her. I felt comfortable and wanted to see what would come from the session. I can’t even express how much I got out of the session and how much I actually felt during it, yet she wasn’t in the room with me.I decided to lay down during the hour she was planning to work on me and I felt instantaneously that she had begun to work and I knew exactly what area in my body was blocked and being released. I had goosebumps all over my body, but I felt so much warmth and in some cases pressure in the area that she was working on to clear my blocks. In our follow-up call the next day I was blown away by what she shared with me. We were so incredibly in sync. I shared with her where I thought she had worked on me and she showed me a picture of exactly what I had just told her. It was unbelievable. It helped me on so many levels and I know that I can come back and work with her again. I can’t recommend Amanda enough, she is a true gift. If you feel blocked and just can’t figure out why you are stuck in some area of your life, please schedule an appointment with her. You won’t be sorry.”

Brigid, New Zealand

Amanda has been my friend and colleague for this past year, but more than that, she introduced me to Reiki. Distance Reiki at that! I’m a bit of a skeptic but I do have an open mind so when Amanda offered to heal me remotely I was open to it but had no expectations. Wow! Although I was in Wellington, and Amanda was in Melbourne, I could FEEL her.
And what she shared with me after the session was INCREDIBLE and no matter what I say here, it probably won’t do it justice.
All I can say is that if you are curious or are a regular Reiki user, connect with Amanda.

Lorraine, New Zealand

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