Take back your personal power and energy, feel fully supported in sacred space and access simple, powerful techniques so that you can stay focused and aligned for yourself, your families and your work.

We are in such challenging times right now! Clarity, focus, and motivation are more important than ever as we take on more emotional labour and responsibility than ever before as mothers, partners, business owners/career women. I know, like most of us –  you are dealing with collective overwhelm, fear and exhaustion as we navigate COVID-19. 

I hear you. I see you.  I am you.

If you are a Healing Practitioner, Mother, Therapist, Coach or Woman in Business supporting others in some way, I offer this Sacred Space for YOU. Re-fill your energy, reconnect to self,  and receive in Circle with other like-minded women who understand deeply the journey of being a woman at this strange time our world.

This space for your healing and nourishment so you have the energy, motivation and focus to take back into your life and work.

I know you are:

*A busy woman – juggling ‘all the things’ right now.

*Generally highly motivated, but right now, need a little support and community to stay on track.

* Self-aware – you ‘know’ what to do – but time is so squeezed, you’d love a container to come and rest and re-connect that you don’t need to hold yourself!

*You want to access what you need – when you need it – but you don’ t have the time or the brain space to devour loads of content. Short, sweet, sacred, and impactful is what you are craving! 

*Wanting to keep moving forward amidst life’s’ challenges right now, but you’ve realised – you have no desire to do it alone! 

*Wanting to continue to show up for your clients and family, and know your needs must be met now too in order to do this. 

Your Challenges are My Challenges.

I witness you with so much love. I know you have so much on your plate each week – I have created this space to support you, whilst knowing, for the most part, you are fantastic at supporting yourself.

In those moments where you need it the support will be there – with an evening and a daytime Sacred Circle each month – you can choose to come live or catch the replay, and the weekly self-care prompts and downloadable resources will be there to help you stay focused and accountable to yourself! 

Simple. Impactful. Supportive. 

As a Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner – all circles are created and supported with the healing energy of Reiki – so in addition to the above, you can expect to heal on deep levels within our circles.

Sacred Circle practices will vary based on what is unfolding at the time of the circle. They may include sharing of stories and experiences, Journaling, intuitive tools, oracle cards and sacred techniques. Each hour will be devoted to you and your healing and nourishment, so you can reconnect and recharge on all levels – mental, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual. Click HERE to learn a little more about Amanda and her experience as a facilitator and practitioner.

The Journey

The Inspired Calm Collective will run from May 7th – July 20th. 

Investment: $47 AUD per month.

*I wanted to create a safe, accessible container for the months ahead, however, I also recognise the uncertainty of these times. There are no lock-in contracts and you can cancel anytime.


Each month you will have access to:

2 x 1-hour Sacred Circles – for reconnection, soul nourishment and turning inwards.

With gentle healing practices, sharing and meditations based on what is unfolding at the time we meet.  All calls include group Distance Reiki healing and live meditation.

Weekly self-care prompts on a Monday and ‘check-in’ on a Thursday within the FB group.

*Not a fan of FB groups? I’ve got you! Receive the weekly prompts and call reminders via email instead.

You will also have access to: 

  • My 3 step process Notice, Acknowledge & Heal – to help you move easily through any challenge.
  • Energy assessment worksheet to identify where you are now (and where you wish to be).
  • Journal prompts to support you with current challenges.
  • Short, downloadable meditations and workbook to support you in gaining clarity, calm and focus when you need it most!

Circle dates and times:

Each month there is a daytime and an evening Circle. Come to one or both! 

MAY: Thursday the 7th,  8 pm AEST

Monday the 18th, 12 pm AEST 

JUNE: Thursday the 4th, 8 pm AEST

Monday the 15th,  12 pm AEST

JULY: Thursday the 9th,  8 pm AEST

Monday the 20th- 12 pm AEST

I would like to acknowledge that I live and work on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation and I wish to pay my respects to the elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty has never been ceded.

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